Chinese Domino Game

The aim of the game of Gambling Domino is to knock all tiles off your game board and then continue to do so until you have no tiles on the board left. The object of the game is to make sure that you obtain as many bonus points as possible by knocking other tiles off the board. These bonus points can in most cases be spent to buy more tiles or even used to buy a new board. Once all the tiles have been knocked off the game ends and the player with the most tiles at the end wins the game. It is important to remember that the more bonus points a player has the better it is for them.

gambling domino

The game of Gambling Domino is played on a game board that looks just like a traditional playing card board. One side of the board contains twenty-four numbered dominoes which are played with the normal dominoes that are familiar to people from their daily lives. On this board there are twenty-four symbols that can be flipped over which represent the same twenty-four symbols on the regular playing cards. These symbols include: the star, a heart, a four, a five, a diamond, a heart, a three, a two, a seven, a ten, a pair, a coin, a shuttlecock, and a pusher.

The normal rules of gambling apply to this version of the game as well, where a player must flip over each tile that they have in their possession and place these tiles into a pile at the bottom of the playing field before they are dealt another turn. After the player has flipped their dominoes from the pile of tiles is then turned over and the player is dealt a new round of cards containing new dominoes. When a player knocks off a tile that is part of their stack of dominoes it is revealed and they may choose to either stay in their stack and get a point for having knocked it off, or move their stacks to the back of the playing area and continue playing. A player may only keep one pair, single, double, or single diamond on their playing field at a time. The rules for the Chinese domino game are the same as those of the regular version but the cards are red and the symbols are different.